Makers Of Lovely Things 2017

Please see our list of confirmed stallholders so far for our 2017 event.

Bantam Knits

Bear With Me


Instagram: beaudille_jewellery

Caleys Apothecary

Charlotte Reid Jewellery

Claire Makes

Crafty Pear

 Dodo Scarves 

Fairly Amy

Fold & Flowers
Paper based Creation

Gas Bags
Bag Lady

Graveney Gin

 Handmade In SE20

Home Of Lost Pots

Hilda Carr Pottery

Ind Is Koven

Jayne Williams Designs

Jessamy Hawke

Kate & Markoyaki

Love & Pepper

Millbrook Pottery

Nellie Bruno

P Honey

Shutter Jewellery

Snowden Flood


Tint & Yarn

Tint & Yarn London 

Tiperley Hill

Young Makers Of Lovely Things