Makers Of Lovely Things 2018

Please see our list of confirmed stallholders so far for our 2018 event.

Accidental Knitter

@the_accidental_knitter Instagram

Bantam Knits

Bear With Me

Bluebell Marsh

Charlotte Reid Jewellery

Chocolates By Eloise

Choi Time Teas

Copperbird Jewellery

Instagram: @Copperbird_Jewellery

Crafty Pear

Creative Grace

Fairly Amy

Nicks Card Creations
Paper Arts Instagram: @nickscardcreations

Hilda Carr Pottery

Jayne Williams Designs

Jessamy Hawke

Love & Pepper

Mueller's Mull

P Honey

Red Faces Prints

Shutter Jewellery

Snap Happy

Tiperley Hill

Rockpool Pots
Istagram: @rockpoolpots


These are some alumni of our School of Creative Arts Programmes and emerging Young Makers. Please say hello when you see them!

Young Makers Of Lovely Things

  • Tales From The Fish Tank- Creature Planters
  • Markoyaki- Seasonal Iced Cookies
  • Sonmonkey- Plates & pots
  • Ilia's Macrame-o-rame
  • Noahmakes- Surface Printed textiles